Why do you exercise? - When I was a teenager I found my parents were so bloody embarrassing and they just frustrated the life out of me (please note they are just normal parents, I was the one with the problem). I used to go for a little run to let out my frustrations - not gonna lie, sometime twice a day even after a full day of sports at college.

It worked, that’s my outlet. If I’m tired, I do yoga. If I’m grumpy, I play just dance. If I’m angry, I’ll do some boxercise. If I’m sad, I go for a walk. If I’m frustrated, I go for a run.

Do you know why?
Because exercise makes me feel good, it is proven to have a positive impact on our mood immediately after.

Exercise also helps reduce stress levels, it also improves your self-esteem and sense of worth. Physical activity is used as therapy to help people who suffer from mild anxiety.