What is confidence? - Confidence is self belief, the ability to succeed, feeling secure rather than insecure.

How do I get confident? First of all, you need to take time to care for yourself - and all you mums out there are like “Well that’s that then, may as well stop reading now!!” 🤦🏼‍♀️

Wrong. It is acceptable to leave daily chores until after you have made time for yourself!! Whether you like to have a bubble bath or exercise or sit down with a book or an actual hot cuppa tea then make time for it!!

I am so overusing the !!!! because we just don’t do it!! Write down your to-do-list and If you put your “you time” last, then how are you going to build up your confidence if you don’t have the time to invest in yourself?

That ten minutes I have whilst Fred is getting into deep sleep and I don’t dare move a muscle incase I wake him,🤱🏼I put my phone away and meditate. I call it meditation but I just sit and stare into space.

Invest in yourself today and get booked in for a free consultation and we can set some fitness goals to help improve your confidence.