Hop to it – I’ve got a question for you, when is the last time you hopped? Primary school right?

Today I am 30, the big 3-0 and I still act like a 10 year old, a 10 year old from the 90’s!! I keep thinking about primary school P.E. and it was brutal, forgot your kit? No problem do it in your underwear. Injured? Doesn’t matter just do what you can. Dodgeball! Bulldog! Sink or swim! It was fun, brutal but fun. I remember learning how to do handstands and falling flat on my face, shoulder, back and head a lot, but I didn’t stop practicing – I still practice now.

As you get older, you do move less, feel silly and maybe even a little scared of falling flat on your face. We get so consumed with the fear of looking like a fool that we just don’t even try.

Unless of course you are training with me, I like to incorporate playground activities. Not only are you safely nudged outside your comfort zone during personal training sessions, you get to learn a new party trick. Get booked in for your free consultation now.