The real reality – so the reality of exercising is, sometimes you can be arsed and sometimes you can’t. And if you’re a parent alot of the time you probably can’t. Because you are spent, you’ve spent all of your energy chasing your child/ren around, playing, picking them up, dropping them off, going to work, cleaning, cooking, bath, book, bed and it’s 8pm (on a good day)!! 😴

What bugs me is that some celebrity mums make it look too easy, they “bounce back” instantly – then they gloat…they bloody gloat about it, aibrushed all over the front cover of OK magazine! And somehow, they become a fitness professional without any qualifications, a nutritional therapist, an agony aunt, and a fitness guru armed with an amazing workout DVD – all because they lost their baby weight so quickly. “Do my fitness DVD every day to get rid of your mumtum, it worked for me.” When in reality they should advertise “Get yourself a personal trainer, a chef, childcare, a driver, a cleaner, a spray tan and probably a live in nanny and maybe just maybe your mumtum will disappear.”

Mums please do not feel pressurised to get your prebaby body back, you might not snap back into shape, but that’s fine. You have just grown a human inside you for what feels like forever and then done a very hard and pretty painful workout – exercise should be the last thing on your mind.

When you FEEL ready, not when you get guilt tripped into exercising by reality TV stars, when you feel ready get yourself booked in for a free consultation