Searching for that six pack – I am a little bit sick of Instagram at the minute, I keep getting bombarded with super shredded women who have abs like paving slabs.
Now I have a decent core, a reasonably flat stomach, could it be a little more defined? Yes. Can I be bothered to define and maintain it? Nope.

Attaining a six pack takes more work than just a couple of crunches here and there, first of all you will have to completely rethink your diet. Eating healthy ALL the time, very little in the way of treats, alcohol and fast food. Any social situation that revolves around food and drink becomes difficult, and you may find yourself avoiding them. You will most likely be eating fewer calories than your body needs to reduce its fat percentage. Deprivation at its finest. Yey!! 😩

The second thing you need to think about is your training, I know you’re tired and pretty hungry but you should get yourself to the gym and train, full body workouts around 5-6 times a week. And if you can maintain this then absolutely well done, you either have fantastic genes or amazing dedication to looking good.

Now you’ve got that six pack, get a snap pop it on social media you’ll look fit, happy and healthy. When in reality, you may be physically and mentally drained, and probably a little hungry.

If you need help finding a healthy balanced then get in touch for a free consultation and we can figure out how to incorporate small manageable lifestyle changes.