Running – when I go out for a jog, the first ten minutes or so my brain comes up with a million different excuses as to why I can’t run for much longer. Here’s a few – my shins hurt, my sports bra isn’t supportive enough, my laces are loose, my headphones are falling out, my ankles hurt, the weather is awful, this is the wrong type of music, my hair is annoying me, don’t run any further because you have to run back remember, my knees hurt, I need a wee, my leggings are falling down and my all time favourite…just walk, you can run tomorrow. –

But as soon as my body gets over the sudden shock of exercising and I get into the swing of it, I enjoy it…honest. So push past that dreaded ten minutes of negativity and who knows maybe you’ll get an all time personal best. Maybe you won’t but you went out for a jog and tried your hardest so recognise that…and praise yourself!!