Progression - Fred used to give me arm ache, neck ache and shoulder ache when he was only a few days old. I started my fitness journey walking up and down the stairs with him because I didn't dare put him on my back in public in case it went terribly wrong 😂 and now look at us now after 5k hike with the weight of a chunky one year old, nappies, wipes, toys, packed lunches, water, spare clothes and first aid kit.

I don't look much different but I feel stronger and each time I hike it feels easier. Should you always have to see results? Or should you concentrate on feeling the results?

Feeling confident - putting on the backpack in public without thinking I've put it on upside down 🤪

Feeling fitter - I do not feel like I've got whiplash the day after a hike 💪

Feeling happier - thank the endorphins for this, feels like I've done a decent workout 😁

But I look the same. 🤔 Just because you can't see results doesn't mean they aren't happening. Don't give up.