Procrastination – why do we put off the things we enjoy, the things that we want to do, the things that we should do, the things that need to be done? 🤷‍♀️

When we expect an activity to be bad or painfully boring, like exercising, it gets put off. Put off to the point you start to feel guilty for not working out, then it becomes overwhelming and you don’t do it even more. This is because of the negativity surrounding these activities, maybe a bad experience, maybe you feel uncomfortable working out or maybe you just don’t know what exercises to do. That negative feeling gives you the urge to shove that task to the back of the pile and crack on with other activities with a more positive vibe.

First of all, forgive yourself for avoiding said task, then make a decision, yes you are going to call me for a free consultation and we can create personal goals and then your fitness journey begins. You then need to commit, 100% all in, get your sessions booked in and turn up!! It’s not scary, you will ache and probably want to punch me sometimes but you will enjoy it…afterwards.