For the kids – this is leftover fruit from Fred’s fruit salad, I’ve eaten it all accompanied with his chewed up sandwich and a few soggy bits of biscuit. Mindlessly shoving it it my mouth whilst I was making my own lunch. I buy “kids snacks” and I’m pretty sure I eat most of them. Sneaky calories, which do actually count even though they weren’t meant for you. –

For the parents out there who are struggling to lose weight or are putting on weight for no reason – this may be why. Half a packet of chocolate buttons here and a bag of quavers there all adds up. –

Be mindful of everything you eat, infact download MyFitnessPal and track your calories, along with a side note of “things I’ve eaten that were meant for the kids” so you can actually see how much you are consuming. –

If that sounds like to much trouble then get in touch for a free consultation, we can burn those snacks off together.