I want it - you don't need to be a member of the gym to get active, you don't need equipment, a fad diet or a even a personal trainer for that matter.

What you need is to want to be healthier, to want to change yourself for the better, to want to play with your children without getting breathless.

To stay in that mind-set forever is tough, that is why people have personal trainers, to keep them focused, motivated and on the right track to reach personal goals. We have good days and bad days, energetic days and couch potato days, healthy days and can't be bothered to cook days. The trick is to be aware of that bad day and move on from it, don't let it consume you with guilt. Just do better the next day, eat healthier, train a little bit more and eventually you will feel better!

If you struggle to stay motivated or if you need someone to squish the guilt then get in touch for a free consultation.