This is what goes through the majority of women's minds during our time on social media. Captions like "30 day challenge to get a booty like this" + photo of a woman who is probably wearing padded butt leggings and sticking her rear end out as far as it can go, is ruining people's perception of reality. No you are not going to look like that because 30 days isn't long enough to get a kim kardash butt and a lot of those images are filtered, edited and angled correctly.

And don't even get me started on those inspirational up close and personal porno-like videos of women squatting - Sorry not sorry I didn't do one I'm a mum now and would've probably peed a little 🤣 and I wouldn't know where to start editing that out.

So for those who want a good bum, please don't just stick it out, besides getting lumbar lordosis your glutes will become pretty weak! I would recommend you stop sitting on it, scrolling for a quick fix, praying to look like that and get in touch!! We can create, plan and train 🍑 - Yes how boring is that? It actually takes hard work and dedication to improve yourself 😩