(Hor)moaning – Why is it that women are so bloody hard on themselves? I’m currently looking in the mirror saying to myself, oh that needs toning up, could probably do with getting some magic sculpt knickers for my little Joey pouch, oh and don’t even get me started on my crazy fluffy hair that is finally growing back after I popped the little Fred out.

I’m normally happy with my figure, but my hormones are doing the best they can to make me feel rubbish about myself. I turn into a two-headed monster – a lot of bloating, spots, back ache, intense cravings for chocolate, inability to do anything without moaning about it, everyone becomes annoying. This happens to me EVERY MONTH! And then I go for a run and I feel fine.

PMS symptoms can be reduced with light aerobic activities, such as jogging, walking and cycling – whatever floats your boat get it done for the love of your family who can’t take another minute of your moodiness 😂😂 If you want to improve your mood, get in touch for a free consultation, go on…I dare you.