Habits – a cup of tea for me is ‘my rest’, I used to have a lovely cuppa after I finished a long shift at the leisure centre with three choccy biscuits. I became emotionally attached to that ‘after work’ relaxed feeling, that it became a regular habit, and when I say regular I mean after every shift.

People turn to food if they’re sad, stressed, happy, celebrating, commiserating, bored or like me relaxing. You can be emotionally eating without even knowing it. The best thing for you to do is keep a food diary, and write down how you are feeling at the time of a meal – answer a few questions like – why are you eating that? Are you hungry? Or just bored? Do you need that pizza at the end of a boozy night or was your tea enough? This will highlight any snack trends and you can slowly cut those extra calories out if you need too.

Now I have a cuppa tea when Fred has his afternoon nap, I make a point of sitting down and enjoying it, minus the biscuits.