Follow your dreams - I wanted to be a personal trainer when I was nineteen years old. I got a dead end job as a lifeguard and ten years flew by.

I recently got made redundant from a local leisure centre - thanks to some super cool camera technology. At first I felt slightly resentful, it did feel personal but then I realised I had this massive opportunity to go at it alone. Be my own boss, nobody to tell me what to do but also nobody to blame but myself if it fails... and with a six month old baby to provide for, it was pretty risky.

Nonetheless I went for it and I am so glad I did!! I absolutely love it - I get to spend a lot of time with Fred, and work with such lovely people trying (and succeeding) to live a healthy active lifestyle. I took the long route but ten years down the line I am finally a personal trainer.

It’s never too late to kickstart your career.