Feeling comfortable – first of all let us address the fact that yes I accidentally dressed like a field 🌻

I first went to the gym when I was at college, I was on placement and got to use the gym for free, no induction, no tour, no nothing. I felt naked, I felt like everyone was staring at me, watching and waiting for me to fluff up. I remember looking at some of the machines and thinking how the hell do you use that? 🧐 I didn’t use a lot of the machines for years or the weights for that matter because I didn’t want to look like a fool in front of all the grunting, muscley professionals.

I continued to go to the gym, even when placement finished, I watched how to use the machines properly and even asked a couple of members of staff to show me, after all that is there job.

I think the key to feeling comfortable in the gym is give it time, keep going – even if you stick to the same machines for a while. Improve your knowledge, read the instructions, ask for help from members of staff or other gym goers. You need to remember that other people will be feeling vulnerable in the gym, after all they are all there to better themselves and it’s not pretty, you won’t look insta-perfect, you might stink a little and your make-up will probably run.

If you physically can’t imagine yourself getting sweaty, jiggling your jiggly bits, getting into awkward positions, preying your leggings are not see-through – in a room full of strangers!! Then personal training might be the answer, get in touch for a free consultation.