Effort – I think we have three types of people who go to the gym. The first exercise to improve their fitness levels, giving 100% effort in what they do, leaving sweaty and exhausted. The second lot go to maintain their fitness level, opting for a similar routine each week, breaking a little sweat but still able to hold a conversation throughout. The third lot go because they feel guilty, or have seen someone they are mentally in competition with upload a pre/post workout selfie. They very rarely break a sweat, face full of perfect make up, able to hold a conversation and take alot of selfies, not so much effort.

If you are wanting to improve your fitness levels then get in touch, I am here to nudge you out of your comfort zone. We can work together to figure out what you are striving for.

If you are wanting to maintain your fitness levels then get in touch, we can work together to switch up your routine to help you stay motivated.

If you are going to the gym to feel less guilt, take a selfie and mentally outdo a rival then your going for the wrong reasons. Sit back, think about why you feel guilty? Why are you taking selfies? Are you lacking in attention? Why are you in competition with someone who probably doesn’t give you a second thought? You my friend need a confidence boost and time to work on yourself! I believe in you, get in touch. 🏆