Decisions decisions – so picture this, you get up at at 7:00am, have a shower, watch the news with a cuppa and a bowl of cereal. Head to work for about 9:00am… what feels like 10 hours pass and it’s 10:00am and you’re absolutely ravenous!! Wishing time would speed up, checking every clock in the building, counting down the the hours til lunch time.

You get to the shop and you are faced with choices. Savoury or sweet, healthy or unhealthy, coffee or water, oh chocolate that’s an easy decision. You try and be savvy about it by getting a meal deal, getting the most for your money. Savoury main usually a sandwich, sweet snack or crisps and a coffee or juice because your not paying for water, you get that for free at work. And you’re feeling generous so you buy a packet of biscuits for your colleagues to share but keep them in your secret draw. Those decisions cost you at least £3.50 for the meal deal and £1.00 for the biscuits and depending on the decisions you made on what you fancied for lunch, could be around the 1000kcal mark.

OR you could just make a big enough evening meal to have for your lunch the next day, maybe even taking in some 10:00am snacks, to curb your hunger. This eliminates the temptation from supermarkets and it will save you a good few calories and a couple of quid, that I dunno…you might want to spend on a personal trainer 🙋‍♀️