Cheat meal - lemme talk to you about a cheat meal. First of all, cheat is such a negative word! A cheat ‘acts dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage’. Secondly a cheat meal tends to turn into a cheat day and then before you know it, it’s Monday and that’s the ‘diet day’.

Here is a little insight to your weekend thoughts...’cheat meal tonight, I’m gonna have a big dirty parmo!!’ Which then turns into ‘oh well I cheated last night so I may as well have another cheat meal tonight, and a glass (bottle) of wine to drown out the guilt’.

So what I would recommend is to call it a plain old regular meal and stop calling it -
A cheat meal - these meals are full of guilt. Eating food shouldn’t make you feel guilty.

A free meal - the calories in a free meal don’t get acknowledged, so you may end up eating twice the amount of calories.

Your meal may be slightly unhealthy but try and team it up with something healthy. Actually eat the salad that comes with your parmo!! And make a point of being a little healthier the next day. Maybe book in with us and do some training?