Beach body – summer is on its way and I want to use your lack of body confidence to make a quick bit of cash, join me now – run before you can walk!! Quick only one space left!!!

You have probably guessed what my opinion is of these classes… beach body challenge / drop a jean size / shortcut to a flat stomach / instant abs / anything with the word shred in / anything promoting ‘lean’ muscle in a matter of weeks.

It’s time to shape up, be realistic with yourself – if you have spent years neglecting your one and only body, do you think that it’s going to turn around and repay you with instant abs the day you go on holiday? Don’t get me wrong it’s great that you have plucked up the courage to start a fitness journey, but why does it have an end date and why do you expect fast results? Because of the cleverly worded fitness classes, because of the before and after pictures that have been used thousands of times of that one person who probably should’ve been eating more calories.