A Fitness Community.

Designed to support & motivate you.


Wholehearted fitness is a community designed to support, motivate and inspire adults and children to live a healthy active lifestyle. We want you to embrace movement, all movement - no matter how small. You may recognise some of our employees, maybe from jogging on the beach or from teaching your children how to swim, do a handstand or jump on a trampoline. We have an array of qualifications, from personal training to swim teaching, all of our knowledge and experience compliment each other to create a fun & diverse personalised activity programme.

Our mission is to break the barriers and excuses we use everyday that prevents us from achieving our fitness goals.

We want you to take control of your nutritional input, no fad diets, we believe in "everything in moderation". Work closely with our Wholehearted nutritional adviser to create a healthy food plan, it is time to focus on long-term healthy choices.

Wholehearted fitness is based in Redcar, the surrounding area is such a scenic place, we have the beach, numerous fitness parks and a running track along the prom - we like to take advantage of the local facilities.


Stefenie Tunnah
Founder of Wholehearted fitness.

A fitness professional with over 10+years experience in teaching, training and continuing her education. Stefenie would like to transform lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes.

Harry Guy
Helper Outer

Harry currently runs a successful sign company called Sign Art, he is passionate or should I say OCD about design and marketing. Harry created the Wholehearted fitness logo and will continue to work on the design aspect of the company.

Freddie Guy
Inspirational Figure

Freddie is our four year old inspirational model, he will feature regularly on social media. Freddie is a socialite and loves a play date so if you want personal training and have a child, bring them along!

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