Gym bunny – has anyone ever felt super motivated, popped your best workout gear on, organised your playlist and jogged to the gym with a workout in mind?

On a good day, the sun will be shining and you will get across all the roads without waiting, reception will be empty and your membership card will work first time. You will have first dibs on all the machines and your workout will go smoothly. Perfect workout!

On a bad day, the weather will be rubbish but you go anyway, stood in the rain waiting to cross the road, you forgot your membership card so you have to wait in a line full of gym goers, swimmers, badmintoners, bowlers, karaters, spinners and jujitsuers. When you finally get into the gym it’s packed, you forgot it was bloody child friendly hour!! You spend half your time waiting, until a machine frees up covered in sweat that wasn’t part of your plan, but you can see the tv perfectly and Hollyoaks is on, so you jump on it. Not so perfect workout.

Unfortunately for me the bad days at the gym outweighed the good, I spent most of my time half-heartedly working out and watching tv. I used to stay on a machine until I burned off a certain amount of calories, I wasn’t bothered what muscle group I was working, or how far I’d gone – and then I did a few sets of sit-ups, workout complete.

I then got a personal trainer, I did group training sessions with friends, loved the competition, loved the variety and enjoyed working out. So much so I became a personal trainer. If you are bored of the gym, doing the same routine over and over again – get in touch!! I’ll help you get your mojo back 💪